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Founders of fast growing companies spend an average 30-50% of their time on fund raising – this is time not spent on driving the company forward. Venture Capital firms are closing larger and larger funds and demand for return makes them act more like Private Equity.

We believe that knowing what founders want and paring them directly with investors will not only add value to the founder but also better returns to the investor – be it High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Private Equity or Venture Capital.


Partners of RRG have spend past 30+ years on both sides of the table and are well positioned to disrupt this space with an innovative approach.


Martin Rasmussen (Danish)

Business degree from CBS & graduate management programme with the A.P Moller / Maersk Group Head of the Nordic branch of HSH Nordbank (‘The bank for Entrepreneurs’), +280 employees & +Eur 30n balance sheet, until 2010. Head of Nordic Solutions business of UBS AG, board member of their Nordic Steering Committee (till 2015) Initiated Danish Ventures with an NGO (Index, Design to Improve Life) under the Ministry of Commerce (Minister Troels Lund Poulsen).


Claus Rosenberg Gotthard (Danish)

Serial entrepreneur & Angel Investor for the past 30+ years. Built > 10 companies with several exits to companies such as ISS A/S, Nilfisk. Raised $20+ million for his companies from private investors and Venture Capital firms. Founding Director for Startup Grind Madrid chapter (powered by Google for Entrepreneurs).

Milestones & References

References to investors whom we have worked with can be provided upon request.


Denmark based FinTech company providing payment services for almost 10.000 Customers in the Nordic region. Raised €7.5 Million in 1st round and working on 2nd round of €15 Million. Contact Founder Morten Solveit (


Copenhagen based Biotech company providing second to none assays and complexes within the molecular immunology space serving more than 70 biotech / pharma research institutes worldwide. Raised €3.5 Million in a Seed round to facilitate development of their cancer prediction tool using Immunitrack Neoscreen™ technology. Contact CEO Stephen
Thorgrimson PhD (


Funding Focus

We believe that the best funding for a company is where both the investor and the company gets more of out the deal than just money.

For a company its is essential that they constantly can acquire industry and domain knowledge, introductions to strategic partners and general experienced

With this in mind we focus our capital raising with High Net Worth individuals, Family Offices as well as Corporate venture capital as we believe it delivers better quality of partnership between Company and Investor

Advisory Role

We work closely with founders formulating and implementing strategy as well sourcing external resources where and if required.
Being founders ourselves and having worked with dozens of startups we know well how important experienced advisory and networks can be.

Case example:
For the 3 young founders of Immunitrack we secured a senior and indisputable world renowned immunology professor to join their advisory board to guide and help them and implement strategy for success of their cancer prediction tool.


Deal Flow

The Nordics has systematically over the past 20 years developed some of the greatest, most innovative companies such as Skype, Spotify, Ravio to name a few. A strong educational system continues to be the bedrock of great innovation and by tapping into the Nordic region provides us an advantage.

With our close connections to startup ecosystems in hot-spots such as San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Berlin and Singapore, as well as a partnership with INDEX: Design to Improve Life®, we are uniquely position to meet amazing founders who are disrupting industries in FinTech, Health care, Transportation, Trade and much more.


We put a lot of pride and efforts in getting to know our Clients and their business so first we must get on a ‘discovery call’ where we get to know you and your case. We will then receive your various presentations for studies.

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